Groundswell has the latest gear from some of the best brands.

  • Fanatic


  • JP-Australia

  • Neil Pryde

  • Loft Sails

  • Unifiber

2022/2023 windsurf Equipment

Groundswell stocks a range of products in store from the brands above.
For product availablity, please contact us so we are able to let you know what we have, what we're getting and When .

 Windsurf Equipment


    • Wave Sails

    • Combat Wave – The STANDARD in wave sails. Great for all conditions

      • PRO / HD

    • Zone – Purist wave sails, down the line junkies, or lightweight riders

      • PRO


    • Atlas – The bump & jump / onshore specialist.

      • PRO / HD

    • Freeride Sails

    • Ryde – Blasting freeride

      • HD

    • Fusion – Bump / jump / manouver freeride

      • HD

    • Speedster – No Cam Very fast freeride

    • V8 – Classic Cam Blaster

    Freeride Sail Range 2023

    Summer is just around the corner and so is the (long-awaited!) freeride season. That’s why we would like to present our complete NeilPryde freeride sail collection to you today:

  • NeilPryde Freeride Collection 2023

  • Racing Evo – World Cup Cam racing Machine




    • TPX 100% – SDM/RDM

    • SPX 95% – SDMnpws_product_bk_2014-253

    • SPX 90% – RDM

    • SPX 70% – SDM/RDM


    • X_C   – Race & Wave , 100% carbon

    • X_CS – Wave , Slim 100% carbon

    • X_F   – Alloy Hardcore

    • X_FS  – Alloy Hardcore, SLIM

    • X_A   – Alloy freeride

    • X_AS  – Alloy Freeride SLIM


    • UXT / MXT



  • Super_Hero – Pure wave

  • Super_Star – All round wave

  • S_Type – Fast, friendly no-cam freeride – Foilable

  • S_Pace – Cam Freerace , faster & friendly – Foilable

  • Warp_Fin – Cam world Cup winning race sails .

  • Warp _ Foil – Cam world Cup Foil winning race sails



    • Platinum Series SLS – Industry leading carbon Masts & Booms, lightest & strongest on the market.

    • Gold.90 Series

    • Silver.70 Series

    • Black.50

  • BOOM

    • Platinum Series SLS – Industry leading carbon Booms, lightest & strongest on the market.

    • Silver Series – Alloy booms for the aggressive rider

    • Black Series –  freeride friendly

      • EPX – Budget minded boom in Carbon & Alloy.


    • Uni.XT – SDM/RDM

    • Power.Xt – SDM/RDM – The best extension on the market in my opinion….

    • iBase

  • Accessories – harness lines / uphauls..

For rest of the range – INFO INSTORE , OR EMail us.

More info to come…


  • Pure Lip – 5  batten Allround wave sail – Ideal for general Canterbury Conditions

  • Wave Scape – 4 Batten wave sail – Softer more forgiving than the pure lip. Ideal for multi fin boards in gusty conditions

  • Oxygen – FAST , No Cam freeride. Perfect for balsting around the harbour/estuary/lake. Does it all.

    • HD or Monofilm

  • Switchblade – Cam fastfreeride, as quick as rave sail , but funerer to gybe…

    • HD or Monofilm

  • Racingblade – Worldcup race machine that is user friendly.



    • Team Edition – 100% carbon

      • Rdm/Sdm

    • Vision II – 75% Carbon

      • Rdm / Sdm

    • Spark II – 50% Carbon

      • RDM only


    • Carbon 100%

      • WavePro

      • Freeride Pro

      • Slalom Pro



 For More Info on rest of the range – INFO IN STORE ONLY


 For Info  of the 2023 range – INFO IN STORE ONLY

irigs3Duotone the worlds biggest Kite brand and market leader in Windsurfing rigs have joined forces to create the most innovative rig ever made.

The outcome is what we call best of both worlds: incredible low weight and packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology combined with the appeal and safety of a Windsurf rig.

It is an unbeatable package making it the ideal addition to your SUP as an entry into the fascination of wind- powered sports.

On top the iRIG will revolutionize the Windsurfing Entry and Schooling as it’s 70% lighter than any conventional Windsurfing rig. Combined with the inflatable “mast” and “boom” parts the rig always floats on the water making starting and learning a piece of cake.

Unfold, Pump & Go

Unfold, Pump & Go

    • –  Super light weight with around 1,5 kg for very easy learning with instant success and for a very comfortable transport.
      70% lighter than a standard Windsurf rig. Even the smallest people can use it. Very manoeuvrable & easy handling.
    •  Fixed handle positions avoiding wrong positioning of your hands ! facilitates the learning process enormously. Fixed handle positions Identifies correct way to hold the sail, teaches users how to trim the sail. Faster learning, easier learning, more fun.
    • –  Completely inflatable construction without hard materials !
      Reduces effort for rigging up tremendously (Pump & Go within 100 seconds) and gets risk for injuries nearly down to zero.
      No fine-tuning, just pump it up & go.
      Rigs up within 100 seconds & no parts to lose.
      Safe to use for kids and beginners, no hard objects to hit or fall on –> super safe
    •  “A3-size” packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology ! very easy transport and storage
    • –  Unlike traditional Windsurf rigs the iRIG floats onto the water ! Very easy uphauling and a relaxed paddling home without drag in case of drifting too far away. Does not sink, therefore easy to lift and super safe. Quick & Easy to pull out of the water.
    • –  Super simple sizing with Small / Medium / Large (the correct size depends solely on your body height) ! makes it a no brainer to choose the right size.

Pre 2018 gear


Combat – All-around wave. 5.0 to 3.5 great hi-wind sail for all Canterbury conditions

The Fly – Down-the-line wave

Atlas – Freewave. Great for Bump/jump. 6.2 to 4.0 .. Ideal Harbour,Estuary,beach & lakes.

Wizard – Freestyle

Fusion – Freecarve – Great sail for bump& jump, blasting & classic freestyle .

Ryde – Freemove ; Fast & fun. Good free ride blasting machine in all conditions.

Solar – No-cam Freeride

Hornet – Twin-cam Freeride

Hellcat – No-cam Freerace

H2 Racing– Twin-cam Freerace

RS:Racing EVO7- Racing

RS:X– Olympic One-design

RIGGING –Neil-pryde-logo

Booms – X9 Full Carbon, X3 Aluminium, X1 Aluminium

Masts  – X100 SDM/RDM -100% Carbon,  X65 SDM/RDM – 65%Carbon,  X35SDM/RDM -35%Carbon.

Extensions – Mxt / Uxt  rdm & sdm


 NP WATERWEARNeil-pryde-logo


Volt – All-around wave sail. Very versatile sail, from the beaches to the lakes, hard to beat from 6.4 to 4.0

Hero  – Powerful 4 batten wave sail, great for multi fin boards.

Idol – Freestyle/Wave, power & fun in a 4 batten package.

E-Type – Great all round free ride , good bottom end fast top end.

S-Type – 2/3 Cam Freerace machine. Light fast & manoeuvrable

More info to come…


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The range of 2015 Windsurf boards from Fanatic

The range of 2015 Windsurf boards from FanaticWave

Quad – Dedicated wave board, hard carves, snapping turns, pure wave performance.

Triwave – The do it all board, fast fun & versatile . with 3 fins or 1 .

Freewave – The perfect board for all Canterbury windsurfing conditions.


Gecko – Early planning maestro & carving weapon. Great fun on the Estuary ,Lyttelton & Lakes

Hawk – The one board for maximum performance. Early planing, fast, with electric manoeuvrability .A amazing board for Christchurch waters & beyond.

Skate – Dedicated freestyle board, that works very well as a fun free ride machine.


More info to come…


More info to come…

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Windsurf Lesson Details

Windsurf Lessons

Our windsurf school is designed around giving students the best experience with the best equipment.
Groundswell has a range of lesson programs to suit most people.
With a full range of equipment from beginners to advanced, we will have you up windsurfing in the shortest possible time.

Windsurf Lesson Details