March 2023 Updates !
Just received a shipment of new products:

  • Duotone Slicks SLS.

Al Getting airtime at Lake Clearwater

  • Duotone Units V3 – 2023 model  …….

Featuring MOD3, a new fabric that stiffens the canopy which helps generate more power, better hang time and improved drift stability.
Also available in D/Lab . The latest version of Aluula fabric offers unmatched weight, ride compliance and response, which results in a lighter wing with improved lift, drift, power and hang time. The instantaneous feedback from the Unit D/LAB allows you to fly earlier, jump higher and rotate quicker.

  • Fanatic:

    All Sizes Sky Wings 2023,

    All Sizes Inflatables

  • Fanatic Foils

  • Cabrinha Mantis & X3,

  • Cabrinha Code 5’4, 5’8

  • Cabrinha Foils

  • Jp X-Winger

Duotone Slicks SLS now instore –  shipment going fast !!!

The Slick SLS , the best wing by far in our opinion. Combination of stable , power fun , intuitive to use, super fast , rocket upwind , light handing , great to pump on the wave …. Just soo good…

  • Slicks SLS Available – 7.0m /6.5m/ 6.0m /5.5m/ 5.0m / 4.5m / 4.0m /3.5m

  • Units -Next shipment due soon…Put your name on one as supplies go fAAAAst.

  • We Have demos of the above sizes to try.

    Duotone Slick jumping practice

Cabrinha Mantis V3 & Cabrinha X3 also in store – Limited sizes left !

  • Available sizes – 6.0m / 5.0m / 4.0m.

  • We Have demos of the above sizes to try

Cabrinha Code Foil boards in Store !

Action shots of trying out the new wings below..

Duotone Slick

Duotone Slick

Jack getting Slick

Styling with the Slick on the Estuary

Styling with the Slick on the Estuary

Jumping with the Duotone Slick

Cruising with the slick

Cabrinha Mantis

Cabrinha Mantis on its maiden trip

Cabrinha Mantis

Cabrinha Mantis