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The New HOT water sport is gaining momentum, wing foiling , or foil winging , or winging , not sure what to call it yet !

Duotone have been ahead of the game with their foil wing, a design that has been 3 years in the making, drawing from their experience in kiting & windsurfing, & using concepts from their successful Irig.
The Duotone foil wing is a piece of equipment that has been totally thought through, well tested, & aimed at the simplicity of having fun in a range of situations.
As they say, the proof is in use !

Posted by Giulio Meda on Friday, 14 August 2020

A group of us tried it from a variety of back rounds (kiting, windsurfing,surf, snow), & everyone was successfully in foiling/sailing with in 60mins.

So far most of the marketing and hype has skipped out on who this product is aimed at.
The reason up to now, is that people need  get on it and try it out to figure out what purpose it has.
After spending 3 days with one, the answer is easy – Anyone who wants to try something new & spend time playing on the water developing a new sport.
Whether on a foil board, SUP, or mucking around on a skateboard/landboard, the wing is a very intuitive piece of kit that is easy to master, even if the person has zero sailing/kiting/wind skills.

Should you get Duotone ECHO Wing ?
I’ll say yes !, but this is really useful if you are:

Simon after 20 mins mucking around

  • Surf/sup foiler
    Use the wind when it comes up & ruins your perfect surf days. Allows you to do things on your board on flat water, in the waves,downwinders,  & opens a world of options for your foiling.
  • Normal SUP
    Whether you sup in the surf or flat water, wind is always a pain, now use the wing as a sail, even if the board has no windsurf mast attachment. We had a lot fun sailing around in 1o knts on the SUPs..
  • Kiter –
    Most of the kiters looked on in suspicion, then they tried it. Imagination allows even the most stubborn non approvers, to totally enjoying mucking around on a board with something so manoverable.
  • Windsurfers
    Found it super easy to use and get around, especially on a foil as it took the rig hassle away, and totally freed up your ability to try stuff without getting slammed by the rig. For non foiling, the freedom of the rig not attached to the board meant you where trying new stuff never dreamt off.. Also no rigging issues, and a great way to get your mates/family / kids into a water sport.
  • Not water sporty people

    Easy to use.

    Easy intuitive way to get into a wind/board sport without all the gear hassle & easy rig up & pack away. No complicated windsurf rigging , or sorting kite lines.

  • Land lubbers –
    On a skateboard or a landboard, limitless possibilities…

So what size foil wing should I get ..

We recommend the Duotone Wing 7m &5m combo,  or 6m & 4m for most NZ conditions, the size does depend on your weight & when & how you plan on using it .
Contact us & we will give you our recommendations on sizing.
More details on our Duotone Foil Wing page.