Cabrinha finally release their 2016 kite & board range .


The new 2016 FX kite.

For riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love huge jumps & kite loops, and like to surf powered with a kite.
Ideal kite for riders who want the ease & power of a switchblade , but the turning and response of a C kite.
Also comes with a new bar …The trimline bar …
The pick if you want to spend 50% at Christchurch beaches & 50% dominating Christchurch Estuary freestyle !

The 2016 Radar .radar

The Radar is for riders who want a lively, easy to use, crossover kite with incredible relaunch capabilities. 


The 2016 Switchblade . swb3

The Switchblade has the ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles.
The do it all kite.
The ideal kite for most Canterbury riders & conditions.



2016 Drifter

The kite that coined the term drift . An awesome wave kite, refined and tweaked for 2016 , a little extra grunt and more direct steering.
A wicked kite for Christchurch coastal riding & a real weapon with a surf board.



The 2016 CONTRA

The light wind special. Great for those frustrating days when the water is smooth….but the wind is fickle.  This kite adds a new dimension to light wind days; easy to water launch, works well in the surf & can still boost you heights normally reserved for winder days . A valued addition to any kite quiver..
The perfect match for Canterburys light easterly days & any patch of water that has wind. 



The Chaos

Freestyle Competition – for the freestyle purists.. enough said.



The 2016 Twin Tip Board Range from Cabrinha – Click to see

Cabrinha Twin Tip Board range 2016

Cabrinha Twin Tip Board range 2016

The 2016 Cabrinha Surfboard Range – Click to See

Carbine Surf Board Range 2016

Cabrinha Surf Board Range 2016


The new Video from Cabrinha

See the preview of the new 2016 kites & boards from Cabrinha .
Plus some great action & film work from the dedicated crew @ Cabrinha…..Gotta love their work ( & play)


  • Pete Cabrinha
  • Keahi De Aboitiz
  • Reo Stevens
  • Moona Whyte,
  • Nick Jacobsen
  • James Boulding
  • Damien LeRoy
  • Evan Nestch
  • Alby Rondina
  • Annabel Van Westrop
  • Liam Whaley
  • David Tonijuan.

A film by James Boulding and Anders Krüger