Fanatic has released their 2018 wave / freestyle range.

Fanatic 2018 wave boards– New for 2018 is the multi purpose wave machine THE Grip.
– Also for 2018 the Stubby has 2 new sizes – 82lt & 89lt , with both the 79 lt & 99 lt getting some tweeks.
– The Freewaves have an extra size, the new 115 lt to add to the 85, 95, 105.
– And a new range of Skates, the freestyle machines, more compact, less nose for faster spins.

wave board sizes

The Grip is the all-in-one wave weapon.

– Early planing and fastF18_WS_GripTE_Deck_Base_1706062
– Adapts easily to the conditions
– Snappy and carving surf style

The favourite board of World Champion Victor Fernandez, you’re going to love this red hot performance stick too.
Set your Grip and rip! PWA Wave World Champion Victor Fernandez sealed the deal in 2016 with the exact same shape of the new Grip under his feet. His impressive sailing in the Canary Islands, North Sea and Maui saw him deliver the goods in everything from onshore, to down-the-line conditions.

Finely tuned over a period of over two years, the Grip has the planing power of the previous TriWave and turning capabilities beyond the 2017 Quad.
Customise the amount of grip you want through your fins.
The small 68 comes with a grippy and controlled Quad setup.
The floaty 99 has a loose and early planing Thruster set.
The 3 medium sizes are equipped with the adaptable 5 Box feature, giving you the freedom to setup your Grip however you like.
From back to front foot riding, intermediate to World Champ level, the carefree and intuitive Grip is designed to follow your lead.

The Fanatic Stubby represents the benchmark of a new style of windsurf shapes

– Super compact parallel rail concept F18_WS_StubbyTE_Deck_Base_170606
– Reduced swing weight
– Easy and controlled
– Slashy and snappy surf style
– Easy wave manoeuvres
– Incredible upwind ability !

Radical looking yet super easy to use, it surprises with speed, planing stability and a different sensation in the waves. This year the line got extended to four shapes from 76l to 99l.
Excited? You should be. Fanatic introduced this exciting parallel rail concept with its super compact length into the windsurfing world in early 2015, after a secret and intense year of R&D.
Soon the market followed and jumped on the train, but the success and feedback on the fully developed, finely tuned Stubby showed that this was something people wanted!
Everything is easy on the Stubby; speed and early planing, control and slashy turns. Its characteristics open up the potential to learn all of the latest moves, and with a new sensation for almost every style of wave conditions it has an incredibly wide range of use.
Try it to believe it, then you’ll realise what all the fuss is about!

The FreeWave STB is the innovative design that has replaced the 10 year success story of the classic Fanatic FreeWave.

FreeWave STB TXTR / FreeWave STB TE / FreeWave STB




Team Edition


Full Wood

 – Compact parallel rails concept
– Early planing, fast, easy and controlled

– Snappy turning
– Huge range of use
– Sporty and crisp
– “FreeWave 2.0” A new era has begun!

The perfect blend of the Stubby and FreeWave makes this an excitinghybrid line with lots to give. Following the success of the Stubby over the past two years and its positive aspects of planing, control and manoeuvrability, it wasn’t long until the FreeWave STB was born.
A slightly longer, faster, more bump & jump oriented version of our Stubby TE, the FreeWave STB is pure dynamite and the start of a new era for the FreeWave line.
Guaranteed easy wave performance, the board flies over any kind of surface like a missile.
Available in sizes 85, 95, 105, plus the brand new 115l, you can choose between the super high-end TeXtreme® construction and the affordable Biax Fibre Version.
The FreeWave STB is going to be your new favourite toy!

The Skate TE is the board of 7x Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo.

F18_WS_SkateTE_Deck_Base_1706063Progressive Freestyle shape
– Incredible acceleration & speed
– Insane ‘pop’ for air moves
– Super fast rotations, slides and spins.

World Champion Gollito Estredos’  speed, power and style is built into the foundations of this board making it a premium product with limitless possibilities.
Crazy acceleration, top speeds and explosive pop happens in seconds, so every gust counts for you to pick the right spot and unleash your rotations.
The Skate TE comes in four sizes from 86 to 108l.
Each size cleverly matches the conditions most sailed in, whilst the super quick rocker is responsible for its remarkable speed and early planing.
Combined with extra tail power, you are able to leave the water at any time, with smooth transitions from aerial moves into sliding tricks.
An integrated arch support in the tail pad, combined with our light yet strong Biax Innegra Carbon (BXIC) construction rounds up the sensation and excellence you’d expect.
There are no limits to your creativity with this board of a champion.