CWA Drop in wave event ..

Wednesday the 26th of feb provided all the ingrediants necessary for a great DROP IN wave contest,- 20 knots, good sized waves and 25 riders ready to smash, slash, float and carve it up.

And so at the crack of 6pm all hell broke lose as the riders headed out for an epic expression session to show there skills to the judges and maybe make it to the TOP 8.
Aerials, dodging and some awesome wave riding soon dominated the ocean vista in front of the judges tower (aka, da sand dunes).
Lucas and John Thyne were first to make the cut followed by Aaron, Jason Tweedie, Karl, Alex Bec, Matt Dimock and Jo Scorgie.
In the windsurfing final we had Al Taylor from Groundswell tearing it up, Taylor Boyd also getting plenty of wave action and being cheered on by his fans ( his mum was there).That left Tom, Nic and Fred washed up on the beach and watching Julio the italian import take out first place with an inspirational front loop (to water start position ) and a floater to reo clue first wave ride – VERY NICE- (said in the ascent of Borat).

As for the kiting final HOLY SMOKE was it close, Aaron Smith shot into the lead with a flurry of nice waves but by the forth minute Jason Tweedie was dominating the wave count with some great wave riding.
Alex Bec was clipping at his heals with his smooth style just as Karl Soulos carved his name on the ocean surface. Soo close was the contest that the lead changed five time over 15 min with Aaron eventually taking out first place in the open and Arianna Smith winning the womans.

BIG THANKS to all for an entertaining comp.

open kite
1- Aaron smith
2- Karl Soulos
3- Alex Bec
4- Jason Tweedie
5- John Thyne

1- Arianna Smith

1- Ethan 

1- Julio Groundswell
2- Al Taylor Groundswell
3- Taylor Boyd
4- Tom McGregor
5- Fred
6- Nic

ALSO congratulations to Jo Scorgie for winning the—–


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