Small-logo         Below is a list of windsurf boards & windsurf sails for sale.
There are end of season specials on NEW gear, as well as a range of used equipment.

The lists are always changing & not all the used windsurf gear is listed.
The following tables are indicative only, come in for more info, or give us a ring.
Last updated  OCT 2022, watch up for regular updates…

INSTORE SPECIALS –  End of Season DEALS on NEW Boards.
[table]Year,Make,Model,Size, RETAIL, On Sale,

2021, Jp ,Freestyle Wave, 84 Ltr,$3299, $2890,

2021, Jp ,Freestyle Wave, 114 Ltr,$3299, $2890,


INSTORE SPECIALS –  End of Season DEALS on NEW Sails.
[table]Year,Make,Model,Size,, RETAIL, On Sale

2023, all brands, All styles , order, taking orders for 2023/24 season,2024 pricing,

2022, Duotone,Super Hero,  5.3  4.7,Fantastic wave sail for multi fin boards,,

2022, Duotone,Superstar, 5.7 5.3,Very versatile wave/bump/jump sail,,

2022, Duotone,S_Pace, 7.3  7.8,Rocket ship small cam sail,,

2022/21, Duotone,E_Type, All Sizes,No cam fast freeride,,

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[table]Year,Make,Model,Size Ltr,Condition,Description,Price NZ$

2021, Jp, Hydro Foil,150 Ltr, MINT,Amazing foil board can carry big sails & large foils but still great to get your first foiling expperience,$1940

2018,Fanatic ,Stingray ,130 ,V Good,FOIL Board Great board to get into foiling… ,$1750

2012,JP ,Freestyle WAVE PRO, 92, V Good,Do it all freestyle wave/freeride machine and great all round fun board. Very versatile all wind board……..Sail Size – 6.5 to 4.5 – most fun 6.2 to 4.7, $1450

2008,JP ,FreestyleWAVE Pro, 101,Good,Great Fun board & very verstile all wind board…….Fun from harbour blasting to beach sailing.Sail Size – 6.5 to 4.5 – most fun 6.2 to 4.7, $1000


[table]Year,Make,Model,Size,Condition,Description,Price NZ$

2019,Duotone, Super Hero, 4.7,New Condition,Amazingly tuneable wave sail – rig grunty for onshore wave bashing & flatten for purist wave conditions. Tuning ability makes it a treat for general blasting . Great sail to help push your abilities . Great for lake sailing,$890