Stand-up paddle surfing is derived from Polynesian roots. The Hawaiian translation is Ku Hoe He'e Nalu ; to stand, to paddle, to surf a wave.

The ancient Hawaiians created the sport & the modern Hawaiians have pushed the sport to new boundaries.

Groundswell owner Allan Taylor at a board meeting.

Groundswell owner Allan Taylor at a board meeting.


Dan Carter going for sup on Sumner bar on his Fanatic Fly 10’6″.

Groundswell is the original Stand up paddle board Store/School/Hire centre in the South Island, Nz.
Groundswell is still the largest SUP operator in Christchurch, with an extensive range of demo boards, paddles & accessories.

We have seen the sport grow rapidly in few years, because Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun, easy way to go play on the water.

With a minimum of equipment, you can paddle from ocean surf, to lakes and rivers.
Paddle boarding is an ideal way to explore all the waterways of the Christchurch, as well as South Island of New Zealand.
On a SUP you can just cruise around on any body of water , as well as catching & riding windswells on the open ocean.
And since you’re standing at your full height, you’ll enjoy excellent views of everything from sea creatures to what’s on the horizon. It’s almost like walking on water!

Stand up Paddle boarding is also a great introduction to surfing, especially along the Canterbury beaches.
For Christchurch surfers, Stand up Paddle boarding can access some of the hard to reach surf spots, such as Sumner Bar.
Plus Sup’ing can turn those small surf days into a great session on the water.

Paddleboarding offers an amazing full body workout and is becoming a favorite cross-training for a large number of sports people.
SUP racing is also attracting a large following .

How we can help:

Groundswell has a range of boards & paddles that excel in Canterburys conditions.
The Groundswell crew are experienced paddlers that enjoy many hours on the water, which allows us to recommend the ideal boards for our customers.
We also have an extensive range of demo boards & paddles for customers to try.

Our Brands of Choice


Fanatic Prowaves

Fanatic Prowaves

Come and learn with qualified instructors who have several years of experience.
We will make your introduction to Stand Up Paddling a lot of fun.

Learn about safety, etiquette, and the core techniques.

Start out in the flat water, get your balance and off you go.
Groups are small and personal.
Or you can have a private or semi-private lesson.

Lessons are done with qualified NZ SUP Instructors, who are highly experienced Standup paddler boarders.
Groundswell is also a  registered Adventure Activity Operator (AAO) .

More Lesson details here


Groundswell SUP lesson action.

Groundswell SUP lesson action.


Every Sat morning, Groundswell does a training/coaching/social session in Lyttelton Harbour.
We cover all aspects of Sup ing from pure beginner (instruction from qualified instructors) to advanced racing & wave tips.
( We regularly go to coaching clinics with some of the best paddlers around).
Technique sessions will focus on your paddle stroke to help you build on your basic skills and develop your overall ablitity..
We will work on:

    •  foot positioning
    • advanced paddle strokes
    • efficient board control including front side and back side turns.
    • techniques for getting out into the surf
    • racing tips
    • injury prevention

All topped off with exercises to help push your technique to the next level.
If you keen to join in , call in & put your name down. It’ll change your paddling for the better !
Learn from qualified instructors, with the latest tips from some best paddlers around !

For more details and updates on the Sat morning SUP sessions in Lyttelton

More Details on SUP session here

Sessons are done with qualified NZ SUP Instructors, who are highly experienced Standup paddler boarders.
Groundswell is also a  registered Adventure Activity Operator (AAO) .



Sat Morning session in Corsair bay

Sat Morning SUP session in Corsair bay

Contact us for more info on our demo days .

Selection od Demo boards

Selection of Demo boards

All boards available to Demo on our Sat morning technique sessions. ( see above ).
Range of boards & paddles available from:

Small selection of Fanatic Demo boards

Small selection of Fanatic Demo boards

  • Fanatic – Complete range of demo boards available, and paddles. Nz largest Fanatic test centre !
  • JP- Australia – Complete range of demo boards available.
  • Quickblade – A large selection of paddles.
  • Starboard


Fanatic Prowaves

Fanatic Prowaves

We regularly organise events , from racing to pure social fun times.

Flat water Sessions –
Waikuku Estuary , Lyttelton , Pegasus Lake
Pics here –

Surf Sessions –
Waikuku, Woodend , Kaikoura, Brigthon , Sumner..
Pics here –



Pegasus racing