Groundswell & stand-up paddle boarding have had a long history in this new sport.

Having experienced SUPing in its home territory of Hawaii , we were one of the first to bring the boards and the sport to NZ and Christchurch.

Using our knowledge gained over the years , we can make your introduction to this great sport effortless.

We also know the local spots & can give you the best advice & service of which gear works the best.
Christchurch has some ideal locations for StandUp , from Sumner bays’ mellow waves to the bays of Lyttelton harbour.
Groundswell has a range of boards & paddles that excel in Canterburys conditions.
The Groundswell crew are experienced paddlers that enjoy many hours on the water, which allows us to recommend the ideal boards for our customers.
We also have an extensive range of demo boards & paddles for customers to try.

2020 Standup Paddle board ranges have been released – All info in store. Ask about our PRE-ORDER Discounts.

Stand Up Paddling Gear 2020

BOARDS  2020.

Fanatic Flys 2020, Vectornet, Diamond, ECO

The Fly 

ECO Edition , 10’6, 9’6
Vectornet, 11’2, 10’6, 9’6
Diamond, 10’6, 9’6

  • All models all have windsurf insert.
  • Probably the most popular do-it-all board in Canterbury.
    ( 10’6 & 9’6 )
    From flat water cruising to performance wave riding.
    The Fly is the quintessential SUP range for everyone
  • Flat deck with volume pulled out to the rails for stability
  • True surfing rocker line with a flat into full V bottom, for engaging carving sensations off the tail.
  • Vectornet technology


NEW for 2020
10′ x 28.5″ (130 Ltrs)

Fanatic Stylemaster

10′ x 30.5″ (145 Ltrs)

 Nose riding perfection, makes performance surfing longboards blush…. This board is a surf machine of beauty.

Who is it for :
Great Christchurch board, feels like it was specifically designed for Sumner.
Classic Longboard Lover !
SUPers looking to take their Longboard surfing skills onto the SUP.
Small Supers wanting a glidey all round sup.

What’s new :

  • One length, two widths fits into the classic 10’0’’ longboard style and official SUP longboard class
  •  New rocker line, smoother and faster, transitions well when moving from nose to tail
  •  Wider nose for a pure nose riding experience
  • Classic smooth Longboard rocker and outline
  • Deluxe deck pad for cushioned steps
  • Bamboo Sandwich technology

The Stubby
7’10”/ 8’3”/ 8’7”/ 8’10”

Fanatic Stubby , Fanatic Prowave

The Fanatic Stubby represents a new approach to wave board design. Inspired by modern surfing concepts with a compact outline and more parallel rails.
The Fanatic Stubby combines good stability and ease of use of a bigger board, but with speed and radical responsiveness of a smaller board.
A new sensation that will give you a blast!
The go-to board if you want Prowave performance with the ease of an Allwave.
Very popular board for Canterbury beaches, & summer lumpy conditions. Great performance with stability.
Who is it for :
Experienced to intermediate wave SUPer looking for a compact wave shape with great stability, speed, easy catching & biting rails

  • Straighter, more parallel outline for a cleaner waterline and reduced drag
  • Short and wide ›Stubby-Nose‹ for maximum stability, reduced swing weight, fast change of direction and easy recovery
  • Lightly domed deck for maximum stability, blending seamlessly into the thin rails
  • Winger swallow tail for ultimate turning response, grip and control
  • Vectornet technology

Fanatic All Wave 2020

AllWave – All new for 2020
8’8”  x 31″    , 135 lts
8’11” x 31.5″, 145  lts
9’3”  x 32″    , 160 lts
9’7”  x 32.5″, 175 lts
This range of AllWaves will make you feel like a rockstar on Canterbury waves.
Works great in our sloppy onshore & rips when it’s pumping, which is why it is the best selling wave board in Christchurch.

Whats new:

  • More stable at low speed, and also more manoeuvrable even in the biggest sizes
  • Bottom with single concave into Vee adds drive on the wave
  • Harder release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and a light feel, with softer rails in the nose for smooth surfing.
  • Thinner rails in tail for more grip & drive
  • Lightly domed deck for maximum stability blending seamlessly into the thin rails
  • All models have windsurf insert.

Vectornet technology


Fanatic Prowave 2020


  • The Ultimate – When only the best will do.
  • Fast on the wave, carving & sliding limited to only your ability .
  • Amazing performance when the conditions are firing, new rail shape excels for grip & drive.
    Powerful performance surf style
    Fast carves
    Snappy & grippy turns
  • All models have windsurf insert.
  • Quad or a Thruster (2+1) setup.

  • Ray 12’6 – Wood Edition , Pure LIGHT
  • Touring board that excels in Lyttelton harbour conditions.
    Great  flat water cruising , covers distance easily. Stable and still fun to muck around on.
    Great board – Highly recommended..

  • Falcon– Racing machines ……Enough said..


More info to follow ..



More info to come


BOARDS  Info to come

PADDLES Info to come


Quickblade is one of the most successful paddle companies.
More info to come


Groundswell does the Inflatable Standup paddle board range from:

  • Fanatic
  • JP-Australia
  • Starboard.

The choice of boards is huge, best to call in to discuss options !

More info to come



Accessories from ION , Ocean & Earth, DaKine, NP, Fanatic, Quickblade.

Call in and change your life…….


Gabe Back Cuttie