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North Sails 2015

Introducing the new range of WAVE sails from North Windsurf.

Ideal wave sail that does it all.
Great for onshore - side shore , freestyle, bump & jump.
Suits single fin boards, tri fin free waves.
Available in HD construction for extreme conditions.

Light, lighter and as radical as possible! The IDOL LTD is the personal pro model of freestyle record world champion Gollito Estredo. For this freestyle genius Kai Hopf has fulfilled all his wishes and created the most sophisticated, extreme freestyle production sail that we have ever built. All IDOL LTD’s are unbelievably light sails because instead of conventional X.PLY the futuristic high-tech laminate - ODL- is being used in combination with our 4mil ULTRA.FILM. These materials are 50 lighter than conventional sail cloth and push the weight to sensationally low values. To clarify - The weight of IDOL LTD corresponds to a 1.5m smaller HERO & VOLT e.g. 4.8 compares to 3.4.

4 batten wave sail.
Great for multi fin boards.
Ideal for sailors wanting a sail that has heaps of throw about ability with power on tap.
Available in HD construction for extreme conditions.