Fanatic Highlights Wave & Freestyle Range 2019 from Fanatic International on Vimeo.

Fanatic launches their 2019 range;

Fanatic Grip & Stubby

The Grip

 Extremely versatile with multiple fin options and

shape designed to work both as a quad and tri-fin, giving maximum adaptability for preference or conditions

› Lightweight and easy to adjust slot-box fin system allows further tuning for conditions and preference. Moving the fins back (in either confguration) noticeably increases the speed and drive of the board, whilst moving them forward gives a much looser, more surfy feel

› High top speed and excellent comfort in chop, thanks to the double concave / V bottom shape

› Flat deck, great for stability in lighter winds
› The exact shape Victor Fernandez won the PWA World wave title on


Fanatic Stubby & Freewave. Choose the Stubby TE over the FreeWave STB for:
If your only focus is wave sailing. In waves, the Stubby TE offers a more reactive, snappier performance and the shorter length feels better for both wave riding and rotating jumps.

› Easier to sail than a conventional wave board

› Will atter your technique no matter what level you are at

› Holds speed better through the turns, meaning more turns per wave and faster, more dynamic turning in poorer conditions

› Planes incredibly early and easily, getting you out through the white water and into the jumps

› The wide nose and tail combined with a at deck make the board very stable when not planing

› The compact length spins quickly through loops and sliding moves

› Exclusive high-end Biax Innegra Carbon, Team Edition (TE) construction


›  Innovative shape provides a new level of versatility in everything from atwater to waves

›  The wide tail ensures

Fanatic Grip, Stubby, Freewave

Fanatic wave/freewave range 2019..Fanatic wave/freewave range 2019…Choose the Grip over the Stubby TE for:
More top speed, a livelier feel, better in higher speed front side wave riding conditions and offers more adaptable performance with the n tuning options……Choose the Grip over the FreeWave STB (in larger sizes) for:
The Grip requires a higher level of technique to excel, and feels less forgiving, but is able to offer noticeably more wave riding performance than the FreeWave STB, particularly in better conditions.

incredible early planing and upwind performance

›  Very smooth and comfortable ride in chop thanks to constant V and slight double concave

›  The shape is evolved from the Stubby TE wave program ensuring exceptional wave riding performance

›  Offers the wave riding merits of a Stubby TE wave with the extra speed and ease of use of a Freewave

›  Compact proportions make jumping easy and controllable

›  Great for freestyle thanks to the flat, wide deck and reduced length

Choose the FreeWave STB over the Stubby TE for:

More speed, quicker acceleration, easier to use and more suited to atter water/bump & jump conditions. In wave conditions, the FreeWave STB will punch out through the white water better, as well as offering more control in choppy conditions and easier tacking due to the increased length.

Choose the FreeWave STB over the Blast for:

More manoeuvrable feel and wave performance. If you are looking to ride waves then go for the FreeWave STB. If you have no wave riding aspirations and only want to blast back and forth then go for the Blast!

Choose the FreeWave STB over the Skate for:

Everything other than dedicated freestyle performance. If you aspire to spend your time popping tricks in the air and sliding backwards, then go for the Skate, otherwise the FreeWave STB is the best choice for everything else.

Choose the Skate over the FreeWave STB for:

Out-and-out freestyle moves. Whether learning your rst Vulcan or spinning double Air Culos, you will learn quicker, be more consistent and execute with more style on the Skate. Whilst still great for jumping, if carving, blasting and waveriding are high on your agenda, you may be better choosing the FreeWave STB.