Fanatic Stubby 77 & 88 ltr - Windsurfings new rock star

If you’re looking for something new – a package of pure fun and motivation – you have to try the Stubby!
It doesn’t matter in which conditions you feel at home, from waist high cross-onshore to mast high and sideshore, this board will make you feel like a windsurfing rock star.

stubby 88

Fanatic Stubby 88 Team Edition

Stepping on the Stubby for the first time instantly removes any doubts  about the board design.

  • Stubby 88 L

    Stubby 88 L

    The wide double diamond tail features a channel for extra grip and drive, the large MFC Tri Fin set supports tight turning and offers incredible lift and upwind performance.

  • While the tail and nose sections are extremely wide, the centre of the board is narrower, giving a clean water flow and reduced drag.
  • The combination of the V bottom with slight double concaves, makes the Stubby  extremely fast and controlled.
  • Once on your first wave, the longer effective rail line comes into play and gives you a new sensation of stability in the bottom turn. Having the stance far back on the wide tail allows for fast and tight reactions and turns.
  • Due to a rocker line, that is adapted to the boards length and it’s trim, the wide nose always recovers, even after a steep re-entry.
  • With its speed and control on the way out the Stubby offers amazing jumping performance . The compact design makes the board super controllable in the air & the bottom shape offers super cushioned landings.
  • Almost everything with this board is new, especially the sensation ride it offers.

[table]STUBBY TE,Volume,Width,Length,Weight*,Fittings,Recommended Sailsize

77,77 l,55 cm,212 cm,6.25 kg,2x Maui Fin Company Tri Fins 12cm / 1x 18cm,3.3 – 5.3

88,88 l,57.5 cm,215 cm,6.6 kg,2x Maui Fin Company Tri Fins 12cm / 1x 19cm,4.0 – 5.8[/table]

Stubby vs. Fanatic TriWave & Quad

The Stubby has a different feel to the other two wave boards.

Stubby 88 L

Stubby 88 L

Its planing capabilities are not far off the TriWave. The Stubby has a more backfooted style & rides closer to the TriWave than the Quad, which rides more front footed.
The Stubby with its super wide tail, has a total different way of turning compared to the TriWave. The Stubby suits sailors who want to throw the board around.
If you’re happy with a classic ride and want the next step up from your single fin FreeWave, the TriWave with its classic outline and incredible jumping potential is a top choice for you.

Who is the Stubby for ?

  • If you’re already a long time wave sailor coming from a Quad / TriWave / tri-fin Freewave and want more progression and spice to your waveriding, trying different riding styles, the Stubby will be pure joy for you.

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