Fanatic Aero Glide Foil Set

SIZES: 725 / 905 / 1085 / 1305

  • The Aero Glide is the long anticipated Wing Foil set complementing Fanatics portfolio with a highly efficient high aspect design.

  • The Aero Gide offers endless glide, increasing downwind performance and pumping abilities, while giving a lively, fun maneuverability that you wouldn’t expect from wings with such span.

  • As the name suggests – The Aero Glide is made to glide for long distances effortlessly without much input needed once you’re up in flight mode.

  • The Aero Glide comes in four sizes from the fast and agile 725 to the endless glide of the 1305.

  • The range covers different rider sizes and abilities and is complemented by our highly performant new GL Stabilizer in 165, 180 and 200. 

Aero Glide Wing sets:

• Aero Glide 725:
725 Front Wing / 165 GL Stabilizer 

Fast and agile for all lighter riders and advanced foilers up to about 85kg, loves to go fast!

• Aero Glide 905:
905 Front Wing / 180 GL Stabilizer 

Offers a great combination of speed, manoeuvrability, glide and pump covering riders between 50-95kg

• Aero Glide 1085:
1085 Front Wing / 200 GL Stabilizer

Great pump and glide. Also a good choice in smaller surf. Mid sized to heavier riders with intermediate to advanced level will love the efficiency and of this combo

• Aero Glide 1305:
1305 Front Wing / 200 GL Stabilizer

Glides without much input and is really easy to keep up for heavier riders with intermediate to advanced level