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Hope all our fellow waterlovers have kept safe, sane & covid free.
For those that need their essential watersports medicine, Groundswell will be dishing out much needed mental & physical health products (just add water!).
Shop Update – Level 2
Groundswell is open for business, but we have to monitor how we interact with customers.

Please be aware during this time, we are required to comply with Contact Tracing protocol if you to enter the shop.

Please use the phone & emails for contact where possible, details below.

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Fanatic 2020 SUPs


Duotone Neo 2020

The 2020 Neo remains true to its roots and its purpose in life.
Fantastic drifting abilities, responsive steering-powered or depowered, 4 and 5-line setup.
It’s the go-to surf kite for all good and gonnabe-good wave riders looking to get the most out of every wave session.
Works well as a good kite for freeride and foiling kiteboarding.

– Great kite for Canterbury kiters who spend most of their kite on surf boards, but still want to foil & muck around on flat water. Easy relaunch, amazing drift & packing a punch for its size..
In 2019, Neo creator Ken Winner, made sure that this design never lost its central purpose of being the go-to surf kite for top level and hardcore wave riders like Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Sebastian Ribeiro and Patri McLaughlin.
By tweaking and adjusting the minor details, he found the ultimate combination of power, turning, drift and intuitive bar […]

New Duotone Dice 2020

Last year Dice creator, Ralf Grösel, redefined the design in order to improve looping and boosting abilities, especially within the smaller sizes.
The outcome was an incredible performer and exciting ride prepped for hardcore conditions and ready to go big.

The starting point for the development of the 2020 Duotone Dice was in Cape Town, South Africa.
I knew that the foundations of the design already delivered powerful, snappy, predictable and versatile characteristics to the Dice, but I wanted to take it to the next level.
Drawing on the Red Bull King of the Air event and the needs of Duotone Team rider Lasse Walker, my vision was to enhance its extreme performance throughout all of its parameters.
For the first time ever, I removed the pulley within the kite bridles.
This small change has a big impact on […]

New Kites – Duotone Vegas 2020

Designed for purpose, driven by performance, the 2020 Vegas has been sharpened up through use of new materials and is the only choice for Freestyle and Wakestyle.
Inspired by our world class Freestyle / Wakestyle team, the 2020 Vegas offers everything for expert and highly skilled riders.
Time to unleash the beast –  2020 Duotone Vegas

The Vegas remains the most sold C shaped performance kite on the market ever.
A design inspired to take our team of world class riders to the top, 5 × World Champion and 2 × King of the Air Aaron Hadlow, our GKA competition team and GKA World Champion Mikaili Sol are dedicated to the Vegas.
Last year, Ralf’s goal was to fine tune and balance the Vegas perfectly.
He achieved this fluently by tweaking small details like the wave patterns, patterns on the Leading Edge and updates in the tension settings between the Leading Edge […]

New Kites 2020 – Duotone Rebel


Duotone FOIL wing – Users Instructions

Duotone FOIL wing User instructions.
First shipment of wings due beginning August, come along to the intro night at Groundswell to see whats it all about.
Below some instruction on how to use & care for the wing .

Duotone Wing Updates

Taking orders now for Sept Delivery for the Duotone wing – Contact us for early bird pricing & details.
The New HOT water sport is gaining momentum, wing foiling , or foil winging , or winging , not sure what to call it yet !

Duotone have been ahead of the game with their foil wing, a design that has been 3 years in the making, drawing from their experience in kiting & windsurfing, & using concepts from their successful Irig.
The Duotone foil wing is a piece of equipment that has been totally thought through, well tested, & aimed at the simplicity of having fun in a range of situations.
As they say, the proof is in use ! A group of us tried it from a variety of back rounds (kiting, windsurfing,surf, snow), & everyone was successfully in foiling/sailing with in 30mins.

So far most of the marketing and hype has skipped out […]

Duotone Small Clicker

Duotone has released a small clicker to add to their bar line up for 2018/19 and it is yet another awesome bit of kit to add to your quiver.

The short click bar offers the rider an option to have a short erganomic bar that suits your personal riding style and gives precise control over your kite.

This is the bar that is now favoured amougst our pro team of riders.

Check out the clip as Aaron Hadlow gives  a quick overview of why he uses the Click bar season and all the different chicken loop options that are available with it!

Cabrinha 2019

Cabrinha 2019 Kites

Whats new  – MOTO
A triple threat with an incredibly wide range of use for a single performance kite.

Modern kite development has allowed Cabrinha to compress the kite range to offer  more of what customers are looking for.

The all-new Moto kite sits squarely in the center of Cabrinhas kite universe, as it is the performance kite with many tools in it’s tool chest. The Moto allows you to break away from freeriding into free surfing and foil- boarding.

This makes room for our core kites (around the perimeter) to push the boundaries in their own specialized categories.
MOTO RIDER PROFILE – Freeride, Free- surf, and Foilboarding

For riders who appreciate versatile, predictable kite performance, for any type of riding in a wide range of conditions.

The All-New Moto kite from Cabrinha leads us into a new era of performance kite surfing that smashes all conventional thinking. This versatile Freeride / Crossover kite is light […]