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Fanatic Wave, Freewave & freestyle 2019 Range

Fanatic Highlights Wave & Freestyle Range 2019 from Fanatic International on Vimeo.
Fanatic launches their 2019 range;

The Grip
 Extremely versatile with multiple fin options and
shape designed to work both as a quad and tri-fin, giving maximum adaptability for preference or conditions

› Lightweight and easy to adjust slot-box fin system allows further tuning for conditions and preference. Moving the fins back (in either confguration) noticeably increases the speed and drive of the board, whilst moving them forward gives a much looser, more surfy feel

› High top speed and excellent comfort in chop, thanks to the double concave / V bottom shape

› Flat deck, great for stability in lighter winds
› The exact shape Victor Fernandez won the PWA World wave title on


› Easier to sail than a conventional wave board

› Will atter your technique no matter what level you are at

› Holds speed better through the turns, meaning more turns per wave and faster, more […]

Duotone launch 2019 Windsurf Sails

Boards & More launch the 2019 Duotone windsurf sail range, to replace their NorthSails Windsurf line up. New name, racier look, same great designs & performance, Superhero Supersession, Idol , E-Type.

Duotone Superhero 2019

++ XPLY PLUS (100 / 150 micron): laminate with the lowest stretch and best UV- andpuncture resistance on the market
++ TRI PLY NEW foot panel (150 micron): additional 3rd thread direction increases
rip-stop ability by 30 %
++ MADE TO SURVIVE: the SUPER HERO features the smallest monofilm window of any
4-batten sail on the market
++ HOLLOW LOWER LEECH with additional MINI BATTEN stabilizes the profile right above
the boom and prevents leech flattering
++ RADIAL LOAD STRIPES at the clew improve the stability and extend the wind range


++ BATTEN-FREE CENTER: as reactive as a 3-batten sail in drift & go conditions yet super
stable in overpowered conditions
++ iBUMPER 2.0: The most […]