2016 Groundswell New Zealand Windsurf Slalom Nationals .


  • Estuary & Co

    Wednesday 20
    Time –  6:30 pm
    Where –  Estuary & Co
    Tidal View ,off Ferry Road/Humphreys Drive by the Christchurch Estuary.(Next to the old Eastcoast Shop, Opposite Groundswell.

  • Thursday 21
    Where – Naval Point Club Limited, upstairs in the wardroom.
    Time – 0930 ,
    Earliest first start racing from 1100
    After racing function Winnies Bagoes, Ferrymead.
  • Friday 22
    – Briefing : 0930 , Earliest first start racing from 1000
  • Saturday 24
    – Briefing : 0930 , Earliest first start racing from 1000
  • Sunday 25 – Reserve Day

Prize Giving :

Saturday from 6:30 PM at Naval Point Club ( if minimum rounds are completed)


Naval Point launch area, Lyttelton, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Naval Point

Naval Point area, Lyttelton


Naval point Area

Naval point Area

Launch Site

Launch Site

For more info on local sailing spots – LOCAL SPOT INFO. 

Organising body:

The Organising Authority is Naval Point Club Lyttelton (NPCL) in conjunction with Canterbury Windsports Assn. and Windsurf NZ

Notice of Race:

NOR 2016 Groundswell NZ Windsurf Slalom Nationals.

Sailing Instructions:

RULES – The regatta will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 including Appendix B, or as modified by the race committee for the 2016 New Zealand Windsurfing Slalom Nationals in the sailing instructions.

Download Sailing instructions

  • Sailing instructions are aligned to the ISAF (international sailing ) Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and appendix B for Windsurfing Competition Rules.
  • For those who are not familiar with these check out ISAF RRS or get a rule book from NPCL office for about $20.
  • In particular read “Part Two” rules and “Appendix B”, you should have at least an understanding of these.
  • Also the Safety Rules are for your personal safety requirements to compete in this event.
  • YNZ gives a specific exemption for boardsailing in its Safety Regulations Appendix 4d. However a suitable wetsuit is required if a personal bouyancy aid is not worn, and helmets and bouyancy aids are compulsory for Under 18 years olds at this event.
  • The safety band system will be used and the Spot Tracker System to be worn by all competitors.
  • Flags will be described at the 1st breifing on Thursday morning, all must attend.

SAFETY First & The SpotG3 Tracker

The absolute priority in running a great Slalom Windsurf Nationals is to eliminate, minimise, or isolate factors that could affect competitor safety.
The most important piece of safety equipment at the event is the thing on top of your shoulders combined with common sense and a good attitude: please use it all times!

  • During the event competitors will be using The Spot G3, a real-time competitor satellite tracking unit.
  • A briefing on their use will be included for everyone on Day 1.
  • Spot NZ staff will be on hand each day to assist with your Spot G3 allocation, and to answer any questions.
  • You can find more information about the Spot G3 on their website at www.spotnz.com.
  • Friends and family will be able to see Competitors on the water via the website http://windsurf16.trackme.kiwi
  • They will be able to select the individual and it will show where their last signal was.

The competitors will collect the units before entering the water each day and return each night.

Spot G3

SpotG3 Satellite Tracker

Instructions to competitors Spot G3 satellite tracker

  1. Each day collect your Safety tracking beacon from SPOTNZ tent
  2. Tracking will be activated by SPOTNZ staff
  3. The unit can be carried under your wetsuit on a lanyard
    (preferred, or on an arm band across the bicep)
  4. Use the OK message button whenever you enter the water (bottom right)
  5. Use the Custom message button when you come off the water (bottom left)
  6. If you break down or get blown away from the controlled area and need to be collected, you are to slide the unit from the pouch and use the Help function (Under the flap on the left side)
  7. If you are in a life threatening situation or come across someone who is, use the SOS function. This will cause a general alert to all staff and rescue services will be dispatched to your location (under the SOS flap on the right hand side)
  8. At the end of each day return the unit to the SPOTNZ tent, unreturned units will attract a $250 recovery fee.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – If you activate either the Help or SOS function, remain with your unit, ensure it is pointed toward the sky, and do not turn it off. (a marshal or SPOTNZ staff member must deactivate the unit).

Daily updates:

2016 Groundswell New Zealand Windsurf Slalom Nationals .



Local Information:

LIVE Wind & Weather Details  – LPC Website

Weather Forecast – Metservice

Tide Forecasts – Ocean-fun

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